njom.com General Terms and Conditions

Njom International AB (Njom) delivers digital services for restaurants. These general terms and conditions are intended to inform about rights and obligations that are applied to Njoms customers when using Njom’s products and services.

General information

The customer here refers to the party (restaurant) that has signed an agreement with Njom International AB for the use of Njom’s digital services.

The services subscribed to by Njom may not be used for any purpose other than those for which they are intended.

The customer data generated in the system is prohibited to resell to other parties. It should not be used in any others purpose than for the functions in Njoms digital services.


Njom uses the global Stripe Payment Platform, one of the largest payment gateways for secure digital payments in the world, to secure the payment service and prevent fraud by applying 2-step authentication for all card payments. In the Njom onboarding process, the restaurant creates its own account in the Stripe payment platform and therefore Stripe will be responsible for all money transactions from and to the restaurant’s account. It is the restaurant’s responsibility to handle payments and refunds to its customers.

Fees & subscriptions

The services in the Njom Start-package are free of charge.

All other services/packages have a monthly subscription fee (see www.njom.com for current prices). The fee is automatically deducted from the customer’s credit card connected to the Stripe account every month.

All questions regarding the subscription will be answered as soon as possible via info@njom.com


The customer is responsible for handling fraud in connection with card purchases via njom.com’s services


The restaurant is responsible for reporting income and taxes, including VAT, to local authorities.

Changes in the services provided

All changes, improvements, upgrades and new services in our range of services are notified to the customer via e-mail and at www.njom.com.

Service level

Njom takes no responsibility for service interruptions or other problems due to errors beyond its control. However, Njom will always try to resolve issues within its scope of operations.

Termination of services

Njom has the right to terminate restaurants who violate these terms and conditions and who fail to maintain a high level of delivery and service to its customers.

Cancellation of services

If the agreement with Njom is not terminated one month before the end of the subscription, it will continue automatically and the subscription will be renewed for 1 year, still with one month’s cancellation time.

Changes to terms & conditions

Njom has the right to change the above conditions if necessary. Njom will inform the restaurant via email of the changes at least one week before the changes become effective. By continuing to use the Njom services after the change has become effective the restaurants accept these changes.


In the event of a dispute between the parties, these shall be regulated via Swedish law and the rules that apply at the Stockholm District Court.

Contact information

If you want to get in touch with Njoms customer services, you can reach us via email info@njom.com or our website www.njom.com. We answer most email questions within 24 hours on weekdays.

All Njom services are developed and operated by Njom International AB with company identification number: 559123-5311.

Terms and Conditions for Njom Customer Business System (CBS)

CBS refers to the base services that Njom provides to restaurants. The system contains functionality for setting up and maintaining an account at Njom, it’s restaurants and the digital presence on the Internet.

CBS contains sales information, customer information, and gives the restaurant owner the opportunity to subscribe to several services at Njom. This applies to individual restaurants as well as a restaurant chain with premises at several different addresses for both restaurant chains and  Ghost Kitchens .

The restaurant is responsible for updating all information such as opening hours, premises address, telephone number, etc. on CBS.

The restaurant is solely responsible for its produce and ingredients and all customer offers and for all local legislations regarding, business, consumers and the environment etc.

Terms and Conditions for Restaurant Ordering System (ROS)

ROS refers to the service Njom provides for restaurant digital order management. This service is offered to restaurants that need to simplify, improve and streamline business through a smoother customer flow, easier and faster ordering with digital notifications.

ROS monitors and handles all orders via a tablet or smartphone (read more about device requirements at njom.com). A device with a functional internet connection is required for use of ROS. The restaurant must self provide a device and make sure to be logged in to ROS to be able to receive orders online.

The restaurant is responsible for taking care and handling of all orders received via the ROS service. In the event of a dispute, the customer should in the first instance turn to the restaurant to solve the problem. The restaurant is responsible for solving the problem with its customers.

When an order is made to ROS, the restaurant has the full responsibility to deliver and complete the order in a satisfactory manner. For non-delivery or incorrect deliveries, it is the restaurant (or it’s service providers, delivery company etc.) responsibility to compensate the customer in a satisfactory manner so that the customer is satisfied.

Terms and Conditions for Webstore

Webstore refers to the service Njom provides for online food ordering. It contains functionality for handling menus and the ability to receive customer orders from a website.

The restaurant is responsible for all information and content on the Webstore, including text, menu, prices, pictures of food and other pictures on the page. The images used on the site are either own images or purchased with rights to be used from the creator. Njom has no responsibility for the content used on the restaurant’s Webstore.

Webstore may not be used or configured for uses other than restaurant operations.